Sandro Egidio Zarri

Chief Strategist

Expertise: Economic advisor, fundamental analysis and market themes, data analysis and macro economic consequences.
At SwissCay Since: 2021

Trading Style

  • Analytical Profile: Technical and Fundamental
  • Time Frame: Medium-Long (2 Days to 2 Months)
  • Type: Swing and Trend


  • Started trading in options and alternatives in 2000
  • Has worked with leading financial service providers such as Thomson Reuters
  • Harvard alumni and researcher of economic theory, Member of the Delta Institute


  • M.A. in political and financial Economics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Specialisation in Mathematical Economics, Game Theory

The top most Important Trading Lesson Learned:

  1. Have a plan and stick to it
  2. There is no perfect trading plan but near-perfect psychological adjustment to trading
  3. Everyone loses sometimes
  4. Continues learning will bring rewards eventually




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