SmartLine is a state-of-the-art, yet easy-to-use, application for SwissCay enabling automated execution in the chart based on pre-defined Trendlines.

This new add-on takes away the hassle of monitoring every price movement and trend formation, as it does it all for you. As soon as the price of your instrument of choice crosses the Trendline you’ve set, an order is placed with no delay in time.

This is a great tool that not only saves time and helps you to identify entry points for buy and sell orders but also delivers a precise execution with no delay in time.

With SmartLines you can manage multiple charts simultaneously, with pre-set automatic Stop Loss / Take profit set up for each one.

When drawing Trendlines on the SwissCayTrader charts, you can add a name, description, style and value for easier identification.

SmartLines – Indicates both the Trendline’s unique label and price level covered and allows you to enter volume and direction for your order.

OCO (One Cancels the Others) – Allows for several Trendlines to be linked as interdependent and conditional. If one line of the OCO triggers an order, the other trendline(s) with associated OCO orders will be disabled.

It is an ExpertAdvisor, and therefore clients have to follow the usual procedure:

  1. Save the attached file to Experts Directory in the MQL4 folder inside your data folder (go to file / open data folder to see the full path of the parent folder)
  2. Restart the platform
  3. Drag and drop the EA on a chart
  4. Allow Live Trading
  5. Enable the “AutoTrading” button

SmartLines is available to all SwissCayTrades Live and Demo account holders.