Tools Overview

Spot market forces and key trading areas

Discover the renowned Pivot Points Indicator, which offers you resistance and support levels directly on your charts. Empower you analysis with SmartTemplate by assessing the market forces.



This module extends the functions of MT4. In particular, you can open and close positions with a single click and place OCO orders. You can also close and reverse all your positions with a single click and schedule the closure of your positions by equity or on a specific date. Accelerate your trading potential and targets and keep ahead of the market.



This new add-on takes away the hassle of monitoring every price movement and trend formation, as it does it all for you. As soon as the price of your instrument of choice crosses the trend line you’ve set, an order is placed with no delay. This is a great tool that not only saves time and helps you to identify entry points for buy and sell orders, but also delivers a precise execution with no delay.



This is one of the most advanced technical analysis tools available in SwissCayTrader. Bringing together chart retracements and market trend analysis, this indicator offers a simple overview of markets. SmartForecast automatically calculates both short and long-term resistance and support. It also indicates volatility levels and market trends. Particularly important, however, is that it gives you a price evolution scenario with three targets which change in real time.



SmartPattern is a powerful indicator for the SwissCayTrader platforms exclusively available for SwissCayTrades Live clients. This amazing tool automatically detects chart patterns, scans historical data to find recurrences, and generates detailed statistics about potential upcoming market movements. All data can be easily and clearly identified on your charts, helping you save time and highlighting trade opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Pivot Points

Pivot Points are often used by professional traders as a predictive indicator of market movements. SwissCayTrades has developed this famous indicator for SwissCayTrader platforms, with 3 levels of Support and Resistance.


The new SmartTemplate offers simple but highly effective features. It indicates unique long and short trading opportunities based on chart signals and puts them in context with the respective trend strength and explicit bar chart signals.


Improve your risk management with our SmartCalculator by identifying your potential profit and loss, margin requirement and other crucial components of your trading strategy.

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