Forex Swaps

Swaps, or rollovers, are the interest rate calculations that determine the cost or reward of holding an open position overnight. SwissCay calculates swap rates based on interest rates differentials between currencies and in consideration of swap rates applied by its liquidity providers.


SymbolSwap LongSwap Short
CADCHF-0.05 Pips-0.31 Pips
CADJPY-0.27 Pips-0.19 Pips
CHFJPY-0.58 Pips-0.05 Pips
EURCAD-0.49 Pips-0.33 Pips
EURCHF-0.21 Pips-0.37 Pips
EURGBP-0.42 Pips-0.03 Pips
EURJPY-0.47 Pips-0.18 Pips
EURUSD-0.62 Pips-0.01 Pips
GBPCAD-0.24 Pips-0.73 Pips
GBPCHF0.11 Pips-0.76 Pips
GBPJPY-0.32 Pips-0.39 Pips
GBPUSD-0.41 Pips-0.28 Pips
USDCAD-0.25 Pips-0.48 Pips
USDCHF0.00 Pips-0.48 Pips
USDJPY-0.19 Pips-0.34 Pips


SymbolSwap LongSwap Short
AUDCAD-0.25 Pips-0.31 Pips
AUDCHF-0.08 Pips-0.29 Pips
AUDJPY-0.23 Pips-0.18 Pips
AUDNZD-0.36 Pips-0.24 Pips
AUDUSD-0.29 Pips-0.11 Pips
EURAUD-0.61 Pips-0.20 Pips
EURNZD-0.69 Pips-0.25 Pips
EURSGD-0.80 Pips-0.15 Pips
GBPAUD-0.30 Pips-0.59 Pips
GBPNZD-0.48 Pips-0.56 Pips
NZDCAD-0.23 Pips-0.33 Pips
NZDCHF0.00 Pips-0.37 Pips
NZDJPY-0.20 Pips-0.22 Pips
NZDUSD-0.24 Pips-0.17 Pips
SGDJPY-0.18 Pips-0.28 Pips
USDSGD-0.36 Pips-0.43 Pips


SymbolSwap LongSwap Short
EURHUF-1.89 Pips-0.38 Pips
EURMXN-47.76 Pips17.51 Pips
EURNOK-6.50 Pips-2.78 Pips
EURPLN-1.54 Pips-3.11 Pips
EURSEK-6.10 Pips-3.34 Pips
EURTRY-31.80 Pips9.34 Pips
TRYJPY0.11 Pips-1.12 Pips
USDBRL-14.25 Pips-1.42 Pips
USDCNH-5.39 Pips-2.83 Pips
USDHUF-1.29 Pips-1.18 Pips
USDMXN-32.72 Pips8.48 Pips
USDNOK-2.20 Pips-3.30 Pips
USDPLN0.58 Pips-4.61 Pips
USDRUB-111.42 Pips40.82 Pips
USDSEK-2.43 Pips-4.70 Pips
USDTRY-21.10 Pips5.59 Pips
USDZAR-33.90 Pips11.18 Pips


SymbolSwap LongSwap Short
GOLD-8.68 Pips-2.90 Pips
SILVER-1.43 Pips-0.37 Pips

Please note that above daily swap rates are not fix and can be changed by us at any moment according to current market conditions without prior notice. The new rates will be published on this website. Traders should check this site regularly for the most up to date rates.

Last update: 12/January/2021