Refer a Friend

Earn up to $1000 per client

Refer a Friend

With the SwissCay Refer a Friend Programme, you could earn up to $1000 for you
and each person you introduce to SwissCay.

Simply follow the steps below to get started today.

Generate your unique
link and receive it via email.
Share your unique link with your friends and relatives
Earn up to $1000 for each person you refer to SwissCay
Refer a Friend


You can refer a friend if you are an SwissCay live account holder.

You can refer up to 4 friends in a 12-month period. After 12-months, your referrals will reset, and you will be entitled to refer another 4 friends.

For each person you refer to SwissCay, you will receive the equivalent of 20% reduction across all spreads,with the exception of shares, where the same reduction is applied to the commissions instead. This reduction is paid to you at the end of the 3-months. If you introduce more than 1 person, you will receive 3 additional months for each additional friend (up to the maximum of 4 per year).

Both you and your friend will receive the reward.

The reward is applied once the introduced client has deposited $500 and completed 5 round trades.

You reward will be automatically credited to your SwissCay live trading account.

Of course, you can!

Referred clients benefit from the 20% cashback from the moment they qualify and can introduce other friends right away. The reward is not cumulative and will be received stacked in the following 3 month periods.

The 20% reduction is applied to all your live accounts.

The reward is capped at $1,000 per client introduced.

*Each referred client must meet the minimum trading requirements within three months of opening an account for you to both receive your bonuses. See the full Terms and Conditions